Take Back the Forest with Animals vs. Mutants on iOS and Android Devices

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Netmarble Games Debuts to Global Audience a New Blended RPG Tower Offense Title

Developed exclusively for mobile devices, Animals vs Mutants combines deep RPG and strategy elements with an intuitive combat system, featuring fluid touch and tap controls.

In Animals vs Mutants, the nefarious Dr. Wicked is wreaking havoc on the world, kidnapping friendly forest creatures and exposing them to cruel experiments to raise a mutant army.  Armed with a trusty bow and arrow players will embark on a grand adventure where they will rescue, collect, and choose from a variety of animal companions to build an army to take back the forest. With a unique twist on to the traditional tower defense genre, Animals vs Mutants finds players making strategic choices in terms of creating their animal army, player skills, equipment, and mounts to turn the tide of battle in their favor as they press forward towards the enemy base of mutants with what developer Bluepepper calls ‘RPG Tower Offense’ gameplay.

Featuring a grand single-player campaign with over 60 missions to complete in five unique worlds, Animals vs Mutants offers players something new to discover every day. A wave based survival mode pitting players against increasingly challenging hordes of mutants and battle mode to face off against friends will provide challenging fun as players rack up achievements and climb up leaderboards. Animals vs Mutants also offers deep loot and character progression systems that will allow players to level-up, learn powerful magic, and optimize their hero with unique armor, enchanted gear, and rare mounts with special abilities to collect and discover.

Animals vs Mutants is now free-to-download on the App Store and Google Play.



CJ Games today announced a strategic publishing deal for an undisclosed title coming later this year. The partnership with Kabam compliments the expansion of CJ Netmarble’s strategic presence in the Western market. Under the agreement, Kabam will be the exclusive provider of localization, marketing and live operations of this title throughout North America and Europe “Kabam is a great partner for us on this project that we want to share with a new audience of Western gamers,” said Seungwon Lee, Global Strategy EVP of CJ Netmarble and CEO of CJ Games Global. “We know that Kabam has a proven track record of working with Asian companies so we embrace the opportunity to utilize their publishing infrastructure to meet our combined goals as we grow our business out West.”

In addition to the project with Kabam, CJ Netmarble plans to publish a variety of mobile games in diverse genres for 2014. These games will be supported through CJ Games Global as the company expands its global market. CJ Netmarble recently secured $500 million investment from Tencent which will aid in the expansion of its mobile gaming business worldwide.


CJ E&M made the Top 10 in Pocket Gamer’s Top 50 Developers!


Great news!

CJ E&M ranked within the Top 10 at #9 for Pocketgamer.biz’s Top 50 Developers of 2014! We’re excited to be recognized by an industry leading publication for our growth, potential and and the games themselves.
Here’s what they had to say:
“CJ E&M’s simple, social games will have the potential to find an even larger audience.”
The top 50 list has many of the largest and most successful mobile companies from Gree, DeNA and Gameloft. Check out the list and see for yourself! [Link]

Jungle Man: Strike launches in the US!

img_bnr01 (1)
CJ E&M today announced that their first U.S. mobile game, Jungle Man: Strike is now available for free on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices via Google Play.

Jungle Man: Strike is a fun and frantic mobile game for all ages. Players tap left or right on their screens to strike down dangerous beasts from the jungle. In-game currency can be earned and used for power-ups, cool characters, and different weapons when players decide their striking stick is not enough. When the frenzied tapping has ceased, players can compare scores on leaderboards and share their conquests on Facebook. With super easy controls and fun visuals, Jungle Man: Strike will soon have everyone tapping their way out of the jungle!